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Buyer's Guide
RV, OFF-Grid Home and Boat Solar System Buyer's Guide We have a new and unique way of choosing which DIYSolarWareHouse System is the right one for you. First off, we highly recommend that you read all the other Educational Topics in the list to the right before you begin this process. The knowledge gained from that study will help you zero in on the appropriate  System for you and your situation.

Step #1 ... After reading the System Sizing parts of the Education pages, you will be able to decide how many watts of Solar Panels you need. The next step is to study the different sizes of solar panels available and decide which ones will fit in the spaces available on your roof. Bear in mind that you want to avoid shade wherever possible when selecting where you will mount your solar panels. Once you have made your decision, add the panels to your shopping cart. Be sure you are adding Complete "Solar Panel Kits" to your cart to insure you get everything needed to mount the panels to your roof and wire it in to the combiner box.

Step #2 ... Now that you know how many watts of solar you want, it is time to choose a LoveSolar System Core that will efficiently handle that much power. Study each of the different cores that can handle the wattage you picked and choose the one that best fits your needs. If you think you might want to expand the size of your system later, make sure the charge controller can handle that expansion and then go for the next size up of the wire harness to allow for that. We have carefully matched the controller and wire size that comes with it so you don't have to worry about that part.

Step #3 ... Now you get to decide how you are going to route the solar output wire down from your roof to where you will be mounting the charge controller and then from there to your batteries. Bear in mind that the shorter the wire run the more efficient your system will be. Some go down through the refrigerator vent and others go down through the roof. This is where the Combiner Box comes in. All of the output wires from your solar panels will terminate in a combiner box. The heavy gauge system wire harness will go from the combiner box to your charge controller first, then on to your batteries. Think this wire path out carefully, and then re-think it to make sure it is the best way to go. If you need, you can always call our Tech Line for some assistance @ 619-470-2006. Once you have the wire run figured out, make your choice of combiner box and add it to your cart.

Following the above 3 steps will get you a complete system with all the parts you will likely need to install it. The only thing you may want to add is a tube or two of Dicor sealant. This is used on each of the Mount Feet and with the Roof Combiner Box to prevent any leaks in your roof.

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